Giving Back at Cascade Crest 100 Mile Trail Race

Putting on a trail race takes a lot of time, resources, and volunteers!  I am going to be helping out at Cascade Crest Endurance Run this weekend August 28-29.  It is a 100 mile race.  I am excited to experience the race from the sidelines as I have yet to do a 100 miler.  I am considering making Cascade Crest my first...  I will post pictures of the runners as well as a race report from the, um, sidelines. 
I plan to get a few good runs in while I'm in the mountains.  Maybe a few 20's in my vibram fivefingers.  I have just one race left in the Washington Ultra Series and the more time I spend in the fivefingers the better.  I am still getting sore, tight calves from running in them despite buying them in March.  Cle Elum 50K will be my first race in the fivefingers.  They are the only shoes that don't aggravate my foot pain that developed at White River 50 mile. 

Maybe I'll see you on the mountain?

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