A Fish

Julianne Moore as The Little Mermaid, Michael Phelps, from http://www.nidokidos.org/celebrities-as-disney-characters-t35755.html

It is strange to feel so comfortable in the water swimming when I feel so good running on solid ground. Still, I can't complain. If we have multiple lives then perhaps I swam in a previous one. I say this because I taught myself how to swim and it was pretty easy and fast. Just from watching other people swim. I am not interested in competitive swimming, but as cross training it is perfect for me. The combination of swimming, yoga and calisthenics helped me develop my core. I have never felt more solid and strong in my core than I do now.

I swim 2-3 times a week. I would swim every morning if I could step out of my bedroom and dive into a pool. Then I would go for an hour run. Voila, ready to start my day! As it is now, I swim at an athletic club and when the weather warms I will also be out swimming in the lake. The lake is my favorite place to swim. It is especially fun to swim with friends like a school of fish!

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