Cranky Fitness: It's Been a Blast, Folks

So at the end of this month, I'm afraid we're going to call it quits at Cranky Fitness.

Jo and Gigi still have very fine blogs of their own, so be sure to pop over to Chunky Monkey Mama or Head Nurse or perhaps the Wednesday Whine to see what they're up to. And don't forget to check in with our other beloved Cranky Emeritus, Merry, who blogs at Sheesh.

But as much as I've enjoyed hanging out at Cranky Fitness for the last few years, I've decided I'm ready to retire from the blogosphere.

So what's the deal with that? And what happens next? Well, since I haven't done a blog interview in a while, perhaps I'll interview myself to get some answers to these and other Frequently Asked Totally Made Up Questions.

So Crabby, why are you quitting?

Two main reasons: 1. An unexpected job opportunity came up; and 2. I'm finding it harder and harder to do a decent job of blogging anymore, which is making it less fun. There are plenty of things I can be lame at that pay actual money; blogging has to be about the Fun.

After several years of writing posts, I find I'm really struggling to say anything new. Lately I've been making the same points and the same jokes over and over. I've been putting up increasingly crappy posts that I don't enjoy reading myself. I used to be willing to take a clunky, unfunny draft and rewrite it a bunch of times until it was better--now I just say the hell with it and post it anyway.

But How Can You Just Quit? Won't You Miss Us?

Oh God Yes!!

This is the hardest thing about giving up the blog. I love this community of bloggers, readers, and commenters. (And of course my awesome cobloggers, past and present). The Cranky Community is the reason I've been hanging on to the blog for as long as I have. If you could all just write the posts for me? We'd be set.

I've always thought the best thing about Cranky Fitness was the comments. You folks are witty, honest, perceptive, deep, diplomatic, unpredictable, and sometimes you just plain blow me away. Many of you have become true friends over the years, and it's really, really hard to think of not "hearing" your thoughts and opinons every day.

Will you still be around the internet, reading our blogs and commenting and tweeting? Or are you going to turn into a hermit-crab and just disappear?

I'll probably take an internet break for a while, but I'll pop up sooner or later. I may be in lurk mode for a while before I start commenting again. And I'm not sure what I want to do about Twitter. I suspect I'll let it lapse, then come back in few months full of silly stuff to say and craving an audience. Twitter may be perfect for that. So, um, please don't Unfollow me yet!

So does this mean there won't be a "Cranky Fitness" anymore after February?

Actually, there will still be a Cranky Fitness. After a bit of a break, I plan to come back and organize things so it's less like a blog a more like a health and fitness resource. I'm also hoping to occasionally post new content, or at least let you know what I'm up to. But there won't be regular weekday blog posts anymore.

The goal will be to make Cranky Fitness more accessible by topic, because there's a crapload of information in the archives that many newer readers may have missed and older readers may have forgotten. (You know how you are.) Got a question about the nutritional benefits of pistachios, or wonder what you should do if you're caught outdoors in a thunderstorm? Well, we got answers, but right now they're pretty impossible to find.

So if you guys aren't quitting until the end of the month, why are you telling us this now? Why not just slip off gracefully in a final post? Like, are we supposed to say goodbye now? But then you'll be back posting again for a few more weeks and won't it all seem a little awkward?

Yeah, it's a little weird. But I'm lousy at keeping secrets, and I'm not entirely comfortable with the idea of a one-post goodbye, even though it makes for a classier exit. This blog has meant too much to me to just pop in one day and say "bye, it's over!"

As to when to say good bye; anytime is good! I always read comments that come in, so you can stop by now or later. Or you can even go back to a 2 year old post about fish oil and bid us farewell there.

This is one of the hardest decisions I've ever made... I will totally miss hanging with you all at this weird little blog that's come to mean so much to me.

No lie: Cranky Fitness readers are better than chocolate cake.

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