Faking It 'Til You Start Making It...And Some Other Useful Stuff Too

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If you made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight then you’ve probably weighed yourself by now (and maybe on an hourly basis if you’re a type A personality). Anyone new to this game might be disappointed that they didn’t get the same results as the contestants on “The Biggest Loser” do in their first week. Okay, chances are you didn’t have a personal trainer, doctor, nutritionist, housekeeper, cook and camera crew on call 24/7. But then again, your weight loss isn’t being promoted as “entertainment” and broadcast to millions of people either so there are obvious tradeoffs.

Maybe you’ve even gone as far as to tell everyone you know that you’re going to lose weight this year. I’ve had mixed success with that one. On the one hand, it helps keep you accountable for your actions. On the other hand, you have people’s expectations up to see a smaller you every time you get together – which probably accounts for me becoming such a loner these days. Talk about pressure! But relax, there are a few things you can do to give the illusion of weight loss until your actual workouts catch up with your goals.

It’s been said before but it bears repeating: Ladies, make sure you’re wearing the right bra. A bra without the proper support impacts your whole appearance and makes you seems pounds heavier than you really are. Get the girls (in my case, “Ethel and Lucy”) a decent fitting and you’ll be surprised how much slimmer you look when they’re sitting up high and proud. And as for finding the right sports bra, my co-blogger, Jo, had this post about how to find the one that’s best for you.

Being more aware of your posture is another favor you can do for yourself. Most of us don’t even notice when our inner knuckle dragger starts taking over our profile but this would be an excellent time to take notice. I know, I know - pulling your shoulders back and throwing your chest forward could put an eye out but consider the alternative of presenting a bearing of low self-confidence. Stand tall! You’re going to get this done – not shrink back into slacker mode. Standing straighter gives you a more proportioned look . Added height always translates into a slimmer presence (I have tried stilts – not recommended).

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Wearing properly fitting clothes is another way to look slimmer before you’ve actually lost any weight. This hasn’t always been something totally under our control until fairly recently. Much of the plus-size clothing is cheaply made and even cheaper looking. Why, what grown woman wouldn’t love wearing a sequined Pooh tee shirt! And make sure those petroleum-based stretch pants don’t get too close to an open flame, now. But, even though the progress towards decent women’s wear has been glacial, there are some retailers who either cater to or offer a plus-size category to their store. Lane Bryant is a long-time plus-size retailer and once the lone wolf in the wilderness. But you should be aware that upscale Talbots offers a Women’s line that is every bit as beautiful as their misses. The assortment still isn’t as great but the point is there are a lot more decent clothes out there than there used to be. Coldwater Creek also has some beautiful clothing for the larger woman.

Don’t fall into the same trap I did when deciding to lose weight and not buy any decent clothes along the way just because you’re saving up to buy them all once you reach your goal. Looking your best at every stage is vitally important towards reaching your goal of weight loss. Staying positive is going to keep your head in the game. You don’t have to have an entire wardrobe at a larger size but take care to have a few outfits that look great and fit well along your journey. And if you’re not really sure what style of clothing looks good on you, start watching TLC’s What Not To Wear for some great suggestions and a few good laughs along the way. They take a great variety of women and show them how to dress in a style appropriate to their shapes and personalities.

As for feeling psychologically lighter, I always find that a good de-cluttering helps enormously in terms of reducing stress. This has come in especially handy when I’ve finally come to terms in dealing with what’s in my closet. There is every size in there from my smallest (I’ll get back in those again someday!) to my largest (just in case I backslide). When I finally decided to give away anything that I hadn’t worn in a year, I was amazed at how much more room I had, not to mention how much less stressful it was just opening the closet and not being reminded of my past failures and potential for future screw-ups. Be the size you are now and don’t hang on to clothes that are too big. Having a safety net in terms of larger clothing almost guarantees you’ll wear them again. Everybody’s friend, MizFit, posted a great video clip about clutter that really hit home with me. Check it out.

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Another resource that I’ve found very helpful while waiting for my results to show up has been Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Solution book. I don’t know how you feel about the guy but this book covers it all; from the physical to the mental. He certainly doesn’t need my endorsement as he’s got more money than Donald Trump (and significantly better hair than him too) but I got a lot out of reading this and you might too.

Another author I want to mention (and have once already) for anyone who feels there’s a better than fifty percent chance that their weight is tied to their emotions, is Geneen Roth. I’ve read a few of her books and she really helps dissect how food and emotions can get so dangerously entwined with one another.

What other ideas to you have to feel or look slimmer until your goals start to materialize?

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