A Job Worth Doing.....

xkcd, of course.

Feeling a bit like a Grouchy Gus today? More like Goofus than Gallant? Tired of being sore? Tired of sticking to that redacted sixteen-hundred-calorie torture plan menu you worked out?

Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. It happens to everybody. It's happening even to your pal Jo, right the heck now, as she eats a huge lump of pecan sour cream coffeecake.

I am not this guy. He has no coffeecake.

Wanna know what the secret is to getting through a workout you don't want to do? Wanna know how I can have a huge lump of pecan sour cream coffeecake and not feel bad about it? Check out Auntie Jo's Top Secret Workout And Diet Tip....

A job worth doing is sometimes worth doing half-assed.

Seriously. Even if you feel like this.

What do you mean, "Go put on some makeup"? I *am* wearing makeup!

As I do just at the moment, thanks to allergies, you can still do a half-assed job on a workout.

What good's a half-assed workout? More than you might think.

For one thing, it gets and keeps you moving. If you normally walk/run/walk for thirty minutes and you only do ten, well, that's ten minutes of activity you wouldn't have otherwise had. If you really get going and feel good, you can add on three- or two- or one-minute increments to your half-assed efforts and end up doing almost as much as you would've had you not been a Grouchy Gussy Goofus.

For another thing, it reassures you that fitness is not an all-or-nothing proposition. Everybody, even Venus Williams, has an off day now and then. Being healthy isn't so much about making huge changes all at once as it is about making small decisions on a daily basis--or multiple times a day. Getting up and moving is a small choice to do a small thing that, if you keep it up, will lead to long-term benefits.

And finally, even a half-assed workout will make you feel better. It doesn't matter what you have to promise yourself to get through it (for me, it was that coffee cake)--once your heart rate is up and your blood is pumping, you'll be less cranky.

Well, mostly. I mean, I'm still pretty cranky. Cranky and full of delicious, delicious coffeecake.

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