All I Want For Christmas Is...

My Christmas list is brief and in order from Global to Personal, as I've finally come to the painful realization that I am not the center of everyone's universe - simply my own.

My Global wish list:

-Peace on Earth
-Enough food to feed everyone who's hungry
-Enough love to comfort everyone who's scared and lonely and sick
-Enough education to light the darkness
-Enough shelter to keep everyone protected and safe
-Enough parents for every child who needs a good home
-Enough sense for world leaders to hold their next climate change meeting via teleconference
-A job for everyone who wants one.
-The Salvation Army bell ringers allowed back inside the stores again.

As for my personal wish list:

-A happy and healthy child
-The closeness of family and friends
-Good health
-An attitude of gratitude
-Good karma
-Meaningful work and a sense of purpose
-A Do-Not-Call list that is actually respected by telemarketers and enforced by the government
-A sporting goods store that carries plus-size workout clothes
-A self-cleaning house
-A dog-proof garbage can

-And for all our readers who celebrate it, a very Merry Christmas!!! And a very merry day off to everyone else!! Thanks for sharing part of your day with us this past year and contributing in your smart, funny and insightful ways. Let's have some more fun together in 2010!

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