It's Check-In Time!

Remember the Cranky Fitness big-ass Fall Giveaway? Well, it requires comments on two posts over at our Product Page in order to officially enter the contest. We've got a bunch of great prizes from sponsors like TRX, Vitalicious, American Quilt, Green Mountain Spa and lots of others. So this is to announce that, if all goes right with Blogger's pre-publishing feature, the second post should be up this morning and you have until midnight, PST, Wednesday November 4th to leave your comments.

And if you missed the first giveaway post, it's not too late to enter! But please read the instructions about how to comment, as there are specific requirements.

I'm writing this ahead of time, as it looks likely I will be on the road, heading home when this post appears and will probably not have internet. So if something goes wrong and there is no second post over at the giveaway page? Don't worry, I'll give everyone another shot when I get back!

And don't forget to stay tuned for announcement of the winners!

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