I searched "Macrame Turkey", "Weightlifting Turkey", and "Cranky Turkey" and came up with nothing.

And so you don't get a picture with this post.

Instead, you'll get a list of Things Jo Is Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Ready? Let's dive in.

Jo Is Thankful For:

1. A healthy, relatively fit body that allows her to do what she does, both at work and for fun, mostly without injury.

2. Zantac, which seems to be taking care of the worst of the Belly Problems.

3. Old dogs and young cats.

4. Attila, who puts her through her paces three times a week, and for whom cussing and whining never get old.

5. Her family, who is mostly sane and all very far away.

6. Fresh mozzarella on sale at the local health food store.

7. Talisker.

8. A car that works.

9. Singlehood.

10. The opportunity to be grouchy here on CF. I never believed that anybody would want to read what I had to write about fitness in any context, let alone on a *fitness blog*. And, speaking of fitness, I had to do the worst Army drills today: pushups combined with step-hopping with weights and some leapfrogging with a big sandball in between. My butt is three inches higher and sixteen times sore-er, and great googly moogly, I hope I don't have to do legs tomorrow, too.

I hope you all have a fine, healthy, happy Thanksgiving, and that the tryptophan kicks in before anybody has a chance to talk politics. See you later on in the week!

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