Hello from the Crab!

Yep, we're still on our cross country road trip, and we haven't been eaten by bears, struck by lightning, or abducted by aliens. Yet.

Actually, instead of heading for the Rocky Mountains today as we'd planned, we took a weather-related detour and are now holed up in a sad little town that smells of cow shit. On the plus side, cow-shit town has friendly people and features a convenient, if not scenic, RV park that has internet. We're waiting out a storm and are hoping for better hiking days ahead, if not in the Rockies then perhaps somewhere Southwesty. But heck, it's all an adventure, and we're well-supplied with pizza and salad and beer and we're having a grand ol' time.

It's weird not being on the internet for days and days at a time. On previous trips, I've been much better about staying connected when traveling cross country, but this time... not so much. Sorry! I hate missing out on what everyone's been up to, and I feel bad about putting up old rerun posts, but I know that soon enough I'll be settled again on the west coast and will have plenty of chance to get all caught up again.

Thanks so much for your great comments and your patience! And thanks again to my great cobloggers Gigi and Jo for keeping things going.

But anyway, since this is a health and fitness blog, here's some photographic evidence, however indistinct, that I've been attempting to get some on-the-road exercise:

Crabby on a Hike--
The World's Most Clueless Map Reader

Crabby Running--Before She Found Out
It Was Hunting Season and She Was Supposed
To Be Wearing a Bright Orange Vest to Avoid
Being Mistaken for a Deer and Shot Dead.
Hey Western Pa: WTF???

Crabby Using the TRX that You Could Win,
Just Ignore Her Saggy-Ass Form
And Pretend She's Doing it Right

The Lobster!
(This Is Just Proof That She's Still Here And
That Crabby Didn't Accidentally Lose Her In a Poker Game).

I miss everyone, thanks for continuing to stop by. Back soon!

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