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So I was over at Huffington Post the other day saw one of those headlines promising to share the secrets of a living a happy and successful life. The article was written by Marcus Buckingham, a guy with a new book out called: "Find Your Strongest Life."

I have no idea if the book is any good or not. Has anyone read it?

Anyway, from the HuffPo article, I gathered that one of the principle ideas behind this book is: screw "balance." Instead, go for more of what you really like in life and are good at.

And I'm all over that--just as soon as I find that job opening for "massage quality control inspector" or "cupcake taste-tester."

But the fun thing about this "Strongest Life" article? It comes with a quiz.

By answering 23 questions, you can figure out which of 9 roles in life suits you best: Advisor, Caretaker, Creator, Equalizer, Influencer, Motivator, Pioneer, Teacher, or Weaver. (Alas, there is no category for "Slacker.")

Once you know your Lead Role, this knowledge is supposed to help you find "moments that will strengthen you the most, invigorate you the most, bring you joy, excitement, and fun."

Cool! I like joy, excitement and fun.

And don't worry, this quiz will not tell you at the end: "Your Lead Role is... Ill-Tempered Dirtbag. You are: dumb as mud and mean as donkey spit. Your best quality: You won't live forever. Your Smartest Career Move: Night Watchman in a Graveyard, or other job that keeps you as far away from other sentient beings as possible.

Nah, this isn't one of those brutally honest quizzes. This is the nice happy kind where all the options and results are flattering.

So I took the quiz, and unlike most online quizzes, this one had me totally nailed! Check this out:

Your Lead Role: Advisor

"Your thrill comes from knowing that you are the person others turn to for the answer. You don’t necessarily want to be the person who actually makes the changes happen. (God, no!) Rather, what excites you is being valued by others for your insight and your judgment."

Your best quality: Your ability to analyze and talk things to death until someone else finally gets off their ass and DOES something find a solution.

Be careful you: Don’t get frustrated by other people’s failings. (Oh, don't worry, that never ever happens! (snort)).

And, saving the most awesome for last:

Your smartest career move: Any job where you’re paid to be opinionated.

Yep, it really said that.

Have you managed to design your life around what you like best, or are you still working on it? Ever take online quizzes?

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