A good one's hard to find.

Mom always told me it would get harder to find the right one as I got older. I'm learning now just how right she was.

There are the ones that are too clingy. There are the ones that are too loose, bopping all over the place and causing trouble. There are the ones that do nothing, the ones that do too much, the ones that seem perfect at first but then end up not being such a great fit. Then there are the ones that look and feel great until the first time you run 'em through the washer in that little mesh bag.

Wait, what?

Gracious, no, I'm not talking about men (although I could be); I'm talking about sports bras. I've finally found the one that works for me, the one I'll never leave, the one I'll stay with until the end.

I am blessed (ha) with both prodigious boobage and a wide, wide back. That makes finding a decent sports bra hard, as a lot of 'em aren't cut for women with really wide backs, and more of 'em simply don't have the support a D to DD gal needs when she's cross-training.

For the last two and a half years I've worn the "'Cuz She Says So" bra from Title 9. I went down a cup size when I bought it (although why I did that, I don't recall--fit reviews, maybe?) and it's worked like a charm. I have two and rotate them out, washing them every second time I wear them so they don't degrade from the massive amounts of sweat I produce. Now that I'm shrinking like the Wicked Witch of the West, I'm thinking (as I'm shrinking) that I might need to downsize a little more, just to keep the Amazon Pair from rotating uncomfortably during my runs, but that time is still a bit in the future.

Here's the bra:

It is not pretty. Not even a little bit. Matter of fact, it gives that sort of bullet-boob profile that so enchanted the Cold Warriors of the late 1940's and early 1950's. But darned if it don't *work*.

Title 9 also sells something they call the "Last Resort Bra"--the catalog copy warns of "major smushage"--for women who have tried everything else and still give themselves black eyes during kickboxing. I've considered trying it, but I'm not sure my workouts ever reach the intensity that would warrant a really killer bra.

What about you? Have you got sports-bra-related celebrations or tales of woe? What's your favorite/most-reviled sports bra? Any tips for women out there who might measure out as a 32F-cup? (I saw a woman running the other day who was tiny with enormous honkers and NO support whatsoever and wanted to pull the car over and give her T9's web address. OWIE!)

Share your homages to Otto Titzling in the comments.

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