Vitalicious Giveaway and More!

So I'm happy to report I've completely recovered from my recent bout of leprosy. In fact, I was feeling so good yesterday I was able to do some product sampling of some Vitalicious muffiny things! This means the main post for today is over at the Cranky Fitness Review page, where you can find out what Crabby and the Lobster think of all 9,743 flavors of VitaMuffins, VitaTops, and VitaBrownies.

If you go over there and enter, perhaps you'll be one of 3 winners who can try a big-ass sample pack for yourself!

Back already? Well you're just in time for the weekly Juice Quiz!

This week's theme over at the Juice was "managing workplace relationships," so Crabby tried to offer up some helpful advice for those who work in offices. Which of these does Crabby recommend?

1. Swapping out the "Decaf" and "Regular" coffeepots in the break room to test the placebo effect.

2. Putting laxative chocolates in the office fridge to deter food thieves.

3. Spreading malicious gossip and stealing office supplies.

4. Going completely naked on "casual Friday" for an hour or two to see if anyone notices.

Stumped? The answer is here! Also, there's still a little time left on their KitchenAid blender giveaway.

Have a great weekend, and do watch out for swine flu, leprosy, and EVS!

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