Review: Skinny Bitch Body DVD

Whaddya mean there's no giveaway?

This is a review. It is only a review. If this had been a giveaway, you would have received instructions on where to go and how to get stuff. Please do not panic. It is only a review.

Well hell -- if there's no giveaway, why should I bother reading?

Because the last time I tried to review a Skinny Bitches DVD, I ended up being catty and snarky and In No Way Nice about it. Who knows, maybe this time I'll be equally catty. There's a reason this place is called "Cranky" Fitness.

Though to be fair, I did try to go into this review with an open mind. I don't particularly enjoy writing bitchy reviews -- at least, not 100% bitchy ones. I usually feel guilty and try to find something positive to say as well. The last time I reviewed a Skinny Bitch exercise DVD, I was really annoyed before I started.

This time, it would be different, I vowed. I would go in with a positive attitude and I would get something out of this workout!

Here at Cranky Fitness, we don't play games like Name That Tune. Instead, we play a game I choose to call Review that DVD. So here goes.

Crabby, I can review that DVD in... seven words.

Wanna see me do it? Check out Cranky Fitness Reviews .

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