Calling in Sick

Full confession: back when I worked in an office, I used to occasionally call in sick when I wasn't actually sick at all. I felt a little slimy about it, and hated to lie, but on the other hand, I never got sick so those days specially set aside for me to cough, sneeze, barf, and ache? They'd have been totally wasted!

But now I'm more grown-up and honest and ethical. So I'll just come right out and say:

Sorry there's no Cranky Fitness blog post today. It's because I screwed around doing other things and ran out of time came down with leprosy.

Everyone knows you can't blog with leprosy.

Note: you have my complete permission to call in sick today to your own blog, job, household chores, book club, cooking class, or whatever the hell else you need a break from. Let's see if we can get CDC's attention with a scary new nationwide outbreak of leprosy, shall we?

Go ahead, little slackers. Call in sick.
You do look a little feverish! Must be leprosy.

[Photo: gem66]

Back Friday!

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