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So it's Friday, which means things are all a bit random here in Cranky Land. However, if you click enough links you'll discover we're hosting a poetry (!) contest with a very cool prize for the best poem, haiku, limerick, or full length opera. We've also got an Especially Annoying Health News Item, followed by some Very Fine Fitness Links (including a video featuring the awesome MizFit in a totally different setting than usual). And there are some other Random Funny Things at the end of the post! So even if you're excited about the poetry Contest and Prize, I hope you remember to come back here for the rest of the stuff.

Shall we begin? First up: the Annoying News Item.

Exercise: Dissed Yet Again!

So Time Magazine recently featured an article called "Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin." It doesn't just suggest that the impact of exercise on weight loss has been exaggerated--no, the article goes much further. Since exercise can make one hungry, and some people overeat because they feel entitled to scarf extra calories after exercising, the article concludes:

"You should exercise to improve your health, but be warned: fiery spurts of vigorous exercise could lead to weight gain. I love how exercise makes me feel, but tomorrow I might skip the VersaClimber — and skip the blueberry bar that is my usual postexercise reward."

Oh gosh, me too!! I'm gonna skip boot camp class; it will probably just make me gain weight. Because obviously if I go out and get some vigorous exercise, I will then have to make stupid-ass food choices the rest of the day. Why should I let a bunch of other studies, common sense, and a several decades of personal experience convince me otherwise?

Hand me my slippers and the TV remote, gosh darn it! I want to lose weight!

Actually, this article came out almost a week ago and I wasn't in the right cranky frame of mind to jump on it. It wasn't all that long ago that I came to the defense of physical exertion after I read another unfair anti-exercise article by a major media outlet. By now, you've all probably read all about this. But in case you haven't, there are some great posts about the Time article over at Truth 2 Being Fit, Feed Me I'm Cranky, and Weight for Deb.

And over at the L.A. Times blog, Booster Shots, they have a very thoughtful analysis and critique of the Time Magazine article that left me realizing anything I had to say would be just be superfluous.

Which doesn't usually stop me from going on for a few thousand words anyway! But perhaps I'll just leave it at this: to say that exercise won't help you lose weight (if you eat a whole bunch of extra food afterwards to compensate) is like saying that hammering a bunch of boards together won't help you build a barn (if you set fire to it once you're done).

Er, maybe you better go check those other links for a better analysis.

Go see MizFit be adorable!

It was Core and Abs week over at the Juice, and guess who showed up in one of the core videos to give some tips? The Amazing Mizfit! (As well as the awesome Jenn from Fit Bottomed Girls, and a couple of other fitness bloggers I hadn't been aware of before, but they're fun too). Go see it, MizFit's on first! Plus there's the official Juice video with a knowledgeable boot camp instructor giving more great core tips. Oh, and because of the grocery store $100 giveaway (ends this Sunday) I offered up some tips on avoiding fake grocery store bargains. I learned a lot from writing that post! For example, if you forget you're not on your own blog and use the word "crap" in boldface type on a corporate-sponsored site? They won't necessarily fire you! (Yet).

(What word would you suggest I test them on next week?)

So Where's The Poetry Contest and Giveaway?

It's over on the Cranky Fitness Product Page. You could win a cool music player thingy which comes pre-loaded with 1,000 songs from top selling artists, gives you the ability to read minds, and has an FM tuner. (And two of the three claims in that last sentence are actually true!)

And What About the Funny Stuff?

I have kind of a blog-crush on Sarah Haskins, because why else would I post a video about doofy husbands? I do not own one myself, and doofy husbands are not a fitness-related topic. (Unless perhaps you want to bench press yours, or use him as a kettlebell).

And speaking of "making fun of husbands who are only trying to help," there was a great post over at Jennsylvia about the fine art of photographing celebrities (and their buttocks). And I could totally relate to Jen's poor husband Fletch and his difficulties taking pictures! Have you noticed there are rarely photos on this blog unless they are downloaded from elsewhere? Well, there is a good reason for that.

Got any thoughts on exercise causing weight gain? Or on the whole doofy husband issue? (And don't forget to go to the product page for the contest!)

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