Creativity and Sneakiness: A Very Short Quiz

Ready? Sharpen your pencils:

1. A research study said female bloggers are more likely than the general population to be:

a. angry
b. lactose-intolerant
c. neurotic
d. obese

The answer is in the title of this post here.

2. This week Crabby wonders:

a. what it would take to get universal health care
b. what lab rats are blogging about these days
c. why we give a crap what Michele Obama is wearing
d. why cats always prefer to cuddle with people who are allergic to them

The answer is conveniently located in the first paragraph here.

3. "Eating the Frog" is a handy solution to:

a. magnesium deficiency
b. constipation
c. procrastination
d. a theme party menu planning dilemma

The answer is in the title and at the bottom of Org Junkie's post here.

So yeah, it's "creativity" week at the Juice, and this is my weekly effort to pimp for them because I get paid, hooray! remind you of all the exciting things going on over there. There's also the George Foreman Grill Thingy Giveaway (through Sunday) and a video on boosting creativity.

And don't worry, the "real" Friday post is just below this one; have a great weekend!

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