I Got Nothin'

So sorry!

I'm adding one more day to my "staycation" and will be back to regular health and fitness blogging Wednesday. I'm hoping my brain will accompany me. It seems to have gone missing.

Seen it? It looks sort of like this, only much messier.

I thought perhaps I would be back posting today, but without a brain it just didn't work! Somehow I seem have frittered away the short time I had to write an actual health and fitness post with a dozen false starts that were all complete crap.

Blog block! Blog block! Acck!!!

And now I have an actual job to show up to in the mornings, so if time runs out... time runs out.

I do sometimes worry that part of the problem is that I've said everything I have to say about health and fitness. Is there anything fresh left to gripe about? Perhaps it's getting to be time for Ol' Crabby to hang it up?

But then I remembered I went through almost the exact same thing last year and had a blog meltdown. But of course I didn't quit, because I am a narcissistic whiner who craves an audience I love blogging. And somehow, I still found plenty of things to whine about since then.

And while Cranky Fitness is still not much closer to becoming a book, or a Mega-blog, or a revenue-earning job as I'd hoped, I've still been mostly having a blast and I'm really glad I didn't quit back then. And I'm pretty darn sure I'm not ready to quit yet. But, well, I think I warned there might be some service interruptions this summer until the temporary jobs are over, and indeed that seems to be the case. Sorry! (Also, it was the Lobster's birthday celebration last night, and in the Grand Scheme of Things Lobsters always come first).

I did, however, manage to get a post up this morning at The Juice, because a deadline for someone else always seems to "count" more than one for yourself, doesn't it? So if you want a bit more crab today, stop by I'm rambling on about Kyra Sedgwick (of The Closer) and Green Things.

Anyway, I promise I'll get my act together Wednesday and get back to health and fitness. Thanks for your patience!

Do any other of you bloggers struggle with posting regularly, or does it always just flow?

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