Don't want to get shorted? Then exercise!

This is a short post. Probably because I'm short.
(Height, attention span, patience...)

Do you realize that tall people get to weigh more? When you're short, you can't carry off a few extra pounds they way tall people can.

That's another reason to exercise. So that you don't get any shorter.

Don't look at me like that. I can back that up.

To quote the illustrious Dr. Mirkin, "the bones of your spine are separated by pads called discs. As you age, these discs dry out and become smaller. However, regular exercise compresses and relaxes these discs as you move up and down. This helps to keep the discs from shrinking and maintains your height.

"Regular exercise also helps to strengthen bones and keep them from bending or being crushed. One study from Israel showed that men who exercise regularly lose only half as much height as men who never exercise -- just 2.6 centimeters compared with 5.5 centimeters."

As Crabby pointed out yesterday, the older you are, the more perilous your sense of balance. This is not the time of life to start learning how to wear platform shoes. Plus, if they're out of fashion you're going to look pretty silly.

Yes, one day even this will be out of fashion...

Do you feel shorted by a short post? The long and the short of it is that this study encourages me to get moving, and I hoped it might encourage you too.

Do you feel more motivated to work out now?

Would that be 'stretch'-ing the truth?

Or do you merely 'long' for me to stop with the bad puns?


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