At The Juice: Sex, Love, Romance and Free Movies!

It's time again for a quick sponsored round-up of what's been going at the Juice.

And yes, the topic of the week was Sex and Love and Romance. But mostly: Why the Hell isn't There Time for Any? There was a video interview with an efficiency expert named Samantha Ettus who had lots of tips for finding more time. Plus she's kinda take-no-prisoners about the need to make Love a priority. Like my new bff Jillian Michaels, she doesn't accept much in the way of excuses!

(But don't worry, there's still plenty of support for any love-slackers out there. I posted some reasons NOT to find more time for love and Laura from Org Junkie confessed to sometimes being Too Lazy for Love.)

But enough about Sex and Love, what about Free Stuff? Is there a new giveaway over there yet?

Yes, indeed there is! Just go to this giveaway post and leave your tips for finding more time for romance and you could win a Free Year of Netflix movies!

And in honor of the movie giveaway and the "time for romance" theme, I think I might post this weekend about Romantic Movies--what are your favorite ones ever? Hope to see you there.

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