Achy Breaky Knees and Giveaway!

So the Random Number Generator got all riled up after we pulled it out of the Cranky Fitness basement last week, and it made such a ruckus about being locked up again that we felt we had no choice but to do another giveaway this week.

This one will be of special interest to anyone (like me) who has knee issues. I'm often complaining about how my knees are trashed and I can't run nearly as often or as far as I want to. So I was curious to try a product designed to help with this problem, called a "Moji."

"Moji" sounds sort of sweet and cuddly, doesn't it, like a dog's name? ("C'mere Moji; stop rolling in that dead skunk!") Or maybe Moji sounds more like a tropical fruit, now available in an antioxidant-rich beverage blend. ("Try new Cranberry flavored Moji, now with 50% more Vitamin C!)

But no, as it turns out, Moji is not a dog, nor is it a beverage.

Want to know more about Moji? Like what the heck it is, how well I liked it, and how you could win one? Well, please follow me over to the Cranky Fitness Product Page, where all shall be revealed. That's where today's main post is. Plus, the giveaway is open to international folks too!

Back already? Well, I've also got a few other random items to tell you about.

Over at The Juice, they've still got the $200 Patagonia gift card giveaway going ('til August 3rd) and your chances look mighty good because they don't have a ton of entries yet. Also, this week I diagnosed myself with a debilitating mental illness, called SNAD. Perhaps some of you suffer from it too and don't even realize it!

And over at Half-Fast, clever Vanilla has discovered a new exercise gadget that is unintentionally and hilariously X-Rated. How many of you ladies would purchase the Shake Weight?

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