Truuuust me... it's Random Tuesday time

People are getting jaded.

No, that doesn’t mean they’re turning into greenish-colored stone. Really. Nor would it be correct to refer to a person as a jade, on the off chance that the person you’re referring to thusly turns out to be an Elizabethan scholar, who slaps your face.

Scientists are churning out studies every week, and every single one contradicts all the others before it.

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Okay, not every single one. Sure feels like it, though. It’s easy to get cynical. Even some scientists are getting attitudinal.

I don't want this post to be considered a rebuttal to Crabby’s post. (Not that her post was a buttal to begin with.* More a plea for common sense.) Me, I'm not in the mood for sense. It's a beautiful summer's day outside, and I hafta go to work. So I'll sum up my theory of science and research studies and what to do about them before going on to the silly cat video. It's time for... [cue dramatic music]... Random Tuesday [da da dahhhhhh]

Merry's theory du jour:

Obviously, the thing to do is to believe everything you read in Cranky Fitness. All others pay cash.

Psst… Crabby? I think we might be onto a money-maker here. I mean, we could tell the scientists, "You want me to believe your study, show me da money and I’ll say nice things about you." As opposed to the Cranky Fitness review page, which is a “show me the money and I’ll write what I really think about the product” page.

Okay, Random Tuesday Time!

I found a great way to climb hills without having to do any of that nasty exertion stuff.

It's a... well, a foot lift in Norway. You pays yer moneys and put yer foot in it and it carries you up the hill. A cyclist, for example, sits on her bicycle and puts one foot on the lift. The lift... er, lifts her and the bike up to the top of the hill. Personally, I think these things would be a great hit in San Francisco.

Look, if you thought that topic was only remotely linked to exercise and fitness, then it's time to stop reading. Because it's downhill from here...

This video is clearly linked to fitness. "Staring at the swim team gets you killed by a gang of ninja men who know how to twirl." Clearly, it's important that you be informed of such a contingency. Besides, it made me laugh.

Good Act Gone Bad: In Ohio, a man was arrested for mowing the lawn in a city park. Hey, it's not as if anyone else was doing it.

Quiz du jour: IQ test to prove whether you're "smart or stoopid." Yes, of course you can tell a person's IQ by a few random questions. Would I lie?

Strange du jour: You have to admire a man who, when trying to make friends, admits that his interests include having fun with cheese, or kites, or time machines. Wait... did I say "admire"? I think I meant to say "back away slowly from."

Kitty video du week

Hey, it's not a random post without a cat video. And this one deals with refusing to eat the food you're supposed, and pleading for the food you want instead, which is clearly related to health... and whining...

On the bright side, Crabby will be back tomorrow with another great post!


*Look, I doubt that's a real word to begin with, but even if it does turn out to be listed in some obscure dusty dictionary in the back of the library, I know it doesn't mean what you think it means. Shame on you.

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