Crabby vs. Grok; Primal Blueprint Giveaway

Many of you are already fans of Mark's Daily Apple, the blog by Mark Sisson and his clever and dedicated "worker bees." (Note to Merry: hmm... Worker Bees? Suhweeeet! Do you think we could get some too, and just pay them in pollen and house them in hives?)

Anyway, as many of you know, Mark's Daily Apple is a great resource for healthy living tips, recipes, and news about the latest fitness and nutrition studies. Mark is an advocate of the "primal" lifestyle, and now has a book out called The Primal Blueprint. In it, he explains why you should eat and live more like "Grok," a caveman from 10,000 years ago.

What happens when a modern-day slacker like Crabby meets up with her hairy cave-dwelling ancestor, Grok? And how can you win a free copy of the Primal Blueprint? Please follow us over to the Primal Blueprint giveaway post over on our product review page to find out!


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