Ask The Readers: Best Home Exercise DVDs and Gym Alternatives

Okay Debbie, I'm ready!
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One of the things I love about Cranky Fitness is the clever, insightful, knowledgeable, and frequently hilarious reader comments we get. But it only just occurred to me that I could actually use this wonderful resource to my own selfish advantage! So I thought I'd ask you all for some advice about something since you all are always offering so many good suggestions.

Lately I've decided I hate my gym*** and so I'm looking for different ways to get exercise. And while I'm particularly curious about exercise DVDs, I'd love to hear about other non-gym alternatives too.

Except for Running.
I love to run, but I have to limit that to once or twice a week because of my crappy knees. So sure, go ahead and tell me how much you love running, and how many bazillion miles you go every day, and how wonderful it is that you can do that and what great shape you are in because of all that #@!%& running.

Cardio Ideas Until Precor Comes Through
In particular, I'm looking for suggestions for home cardio workouts that don't require me to purchase an expensive piece of exercise equipment. Rather than buy something, I'm waiting for the day that the Precor elliptical people will email me about one of their latest offerings.

Hi There, Aren't I Adorable? I'm the EFX 5.31
And I Only Cost Four Thousand Dollars.

Yep, very soon, in my inbox will be that message from the generous folks at Precor. They'll say, "guess what, Crabby McSlacker, we follow your blog closely and know that you like to get high using our elliptical machine. And we're sorry to hear you now you hate your stupid gym and aren't getting on our machines often enough! So since you have a blog audience of literally millions dozens, could you please review a Precor EFX 5.31 and say nice things about it? It's the kind without the annoying swinging arms because we know you hate those. Oh and hey, once you're done reviewing it, why don't ya just keep it, we got plenty more of 'em!"

Photo: oddsock

My goodness, that's odd... what was that pig just doing?

Anyway, until the Precor people come through with my spankin' new elliptical trainer, I'm thinking maybe of trying something like an exercise DVD. Because, goodness knows I'm an excellent candidate: with my great sense of rhythm and balance, my open-minded temperament and willingness to try new things, my gracefulness, and my appreciation of random music chosen not by me but by strangers with vastly different musical tastes who are trying to avoid paying expensive royalties to real composers and musicians... gosh this is all going to turn out well, don't you think?

But I do know it's time to try something different! And I have a basement, a TV, and a DVD player. Plus I recently discovered that Netflix and our local library may have videos and dvds for free!

This one, however, is probably not happening.
Especially if I'm required to wear an outfit like that.

So, dear readers, I know that not everyone belongs to a gym or goes running every day, yet many of you manage to get your cardio in with a minimum of whining. I'd be particularly interested in recommendations for exercise dvds that have awesome music and fun moves that you actually enjoy. But alternatively, I'm just curious what you do for cardio and how you like it!

***Of course it's totally not fair that I hate my gym, it's a perfectly fine small town gym and lots of nice people go there. But now it's June and it's getting crowded and there are other people hanging out on my machines when I want to use them! And there's nowhere to stretch and all the broken equipment is not getting fixed including my favorite elliptical trainer which has been all rickety and thunky-clunky for months now! Plus, it's always too damn hot in there.

Aside from a personality transplant, any suggestions?

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